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Past, Present, and Future

Symmetry Entertainment and Design is the dream child of Krysta Cook and is an organic extension of her passion for creating, performing and producing. Krysta is a Sonoma County native who began her own performance career as a belly dancer in her teens, which eventually led into the wild world of circus arts. She has been featured in magazines, books, radio shows and been flown around the Country to perform for elite Clients. She loved making her own costumes from a young age which eventually bloomed into making costumes and stage props for herself and artists she has worked with. She has been a catalyst in the growing arts scene in the North Bay over the past fifteen years, collaborating with other local visionaries to produce/co-produce ongoing successes such as Circus Maximus Sonoma County, SerLaMuse- an art affair, Rouge Dance Company as well as many other one-off specialty shows. Krysta began to challenge the status quo of local arts when she decided to incorporate wild costuming, custom event entertainment packages and a wide selection of top-notch artists ready to book with just one phone call. A one-stop-shop of specialty arts as born! Krysta is single Mother of a smart young man, an environmental advocate, Licensed Nurse, Certified Personal trainer, Certified Clinical HeartMath Provider and philanthropist for local non-profits.



We love spending time in nature just as much as we feel inspired to create costuming that reflects it. Our precious planet needs all the help She can get right now… we are committed to implementing practices that do the least harm to the environment and love to participate in causes that bring awareness to local and global solutions.


Our Mission:

For Costumes creations we use recycled paper/cardboard when possible as well as buy used craft supplies, paints, wires and building materials.
About 75% of our purchased costumes and materials for making costumes are from thrift stores, vintage stores or were previously owned.
We love to use nature’s own materials such as feathers, flowers, tree branches, shells and butterfly wings that are found laying around.

Cruelty free and biodegradable face paints and glitter. Donating time/performances to local non-profits supporting the environment and animals.

Supporting and bringing awareness to small and large efforts in sustainability.


Volunteering for the Humane Society’s Volunteer appreciate party in 2017. This guy was very interested in the stilting bird of paradise outside his stall. All animals deserve a happy, healthy and protected life.


In an effort to plant 1,000,000 trees in the South American rain forests by 2019, the Green Spa Network made a short film to inspire other spas to engage their Clientele to donate just $5 during their visit that would directly go to funding the tree planting costs. Symmetry’s owner/operator Krysta created a costume just for the film and acted as the Gaia tree during the spa scene.


Held in San Fransisco this year, the Global Climate Action Summit will bring leaders and people together from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level.” Symmetry is honored to be part of the initiative by performing as a stilt walking tree over 5 days during various activities.


Hear It From Our Clients

I have used Krysta and Symmetry for our office grand opening and two holiday parties. Symmetry made the events more fun for the guests. It took the pressure off me to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Krysta is the cherry on top of the sundae. She is very professional, punctual, a great communicator, collaborator, creative and has fabulous, talented performers to make your ideas come to life. If you are considering hiring her for your event, do yourself a favor and call her now.

Annaliese Quisisem


Krysta was incredible to work with. She is professional, friendly, punctual, and rolled with the event needs/changes without question (not to mention a very early morning start). The stilt walkers were a highlight for the 580 attendees as they entered a Monday conference and during their lunch break (where she also brought in a human statue). She really brought the WOW for the team and has been one of the consistent themes among the attendees social media posts!

Annaliese Quisisem


Krysta and the team at Symmetry Performing Arts did an excellent job honoring the theme of our event (nature and outdoors) and brought us beautiful dancing butterflies on stilts as well as a very entertaining juggler and a face painter with a never-ending line. Thank you again, Krysta and team!

Kristen Tantarelli

Whole Foods